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Spring? Wherefore art thou?

I am sooo done DIGGIN’ it!
This is the longest winter that I can remember in a long time!  Will it EVER end?!

I know I could never move to Florida, but come on Mother Nature….

Give us a break!  Enough already!!

Today is was almost 60 degrees!  Which felt like a heat wave!
The sun was even out and everything is melting!
I might even be able to Giggle again….
But not for long because it looks like we have MORE snow in the forecast!
Even Sophie has HAD it with the white stuff!
We haven’t been selling much since we have a hard time even getting a path into the barn shoppe….
SPRING!!!!  Where are you???!!!

Fall and Critters

Well, these poor guys were in my lawn mower engine a few weeks ago and today I must mow again and hope we do not find any surprises today!

It seems we have a million dragonflies in the yard this year too!  They are everywhere!

This also the mommy bunny we have had eating grass in the yard and then the other day we also had a baby bunny eating grass!
Sophie found the baby bunny very interesting and sat in front of the door for an hour watching it!
Then yesterday as I was walking in the dininroom, there is a dead mouse on the floor laying right in front of the Cross I have on the floor….Very freaky!
We don’t even have a cat, so I don’t know where this thing came from or what happen to it!  I just hope I don’t have to pick one of those up again anytime soon!

Sophie is 5 months old today!

Sophie is 5 months old today and has been with us for a month already!
She is awesome and I am so glad we added her to our family.
She is still getting used to riding in the truck.
She loves jumping on my bed when I turn my back!
She is awesome and we all love her very much. If you want you can be her
Facebook Fan, just click here Be a Sophie Facebook Fan

SCHOOL Already??

Was summer ever really here????
Kindergarten was fun…..
Then first grade and cousin in kindergarten was
fun on the bus together….

The came 2nd grade for one and 1st grade for the cousin….

WOW….3rd grade is today!!!
Everyone is soooo excited about starting school today!!
Mackenzie is in 3rd grade and Olivia in 2nd….
and little Ms Jillian is 2 and will have some Mommy alone time….

Sophie missed the bus…..

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