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Spring? Wherefore art thou?

I am sooo done DIGGIN’ it!
This is the longest winter that I can remember in a long time!  Will it EVER end?!

I know I could never move to Florida, but come on Mother Nature….

Give us a break!  Enough already!!

Today is was almost 60 degrees!  Which felt like a heat wave!
The sun was even out and everything is melting!
I might even be able to Giggle again….
But not for long because it looks like we have MORE snow in the forecast!
Even Sophie has HAD it with the white stuff!
We haven’t been selling much since we have a hard time even getting a path into the barn shoppe….
SPRING!!!!  Where are you???!!!

Friday the 13th and then Love Day…..

Oh LOVE is in the……
 This has been the winter of hell so far this year!
It seems like Mother Nature isn’t happy with New England lately!
Friday the 13th???
 The Barn Shoppe is buried just like the rest of the place!
Everyone I know is going crazy…..

Even Sophie has had it!
WHAT’S That?????  MORE SNOW????
Where we gonna put it?????

Oh well….
Happy LOVE Day everyone on Saturday!


Flying out the door!

We had several pieces of furniture fly out the door this week!  Such a great feeling to clearing out some of these pieces of furniture to make space in my Barn Shoppe for some other things coming in!

There are just not an enough hours in the day lately for me to
get to all the projects I thought I would have time for!

I guess that’s  what happens when you have 4 kids and
7 grandchildren!


Dads Passion

My Dad will be 77 this year in August.  He was a Home Builder until he got involved in Race Horses!

I was around 9 or 10 I think when race horses became not only his passion but his new line of work love!  

So since the “60’s” he has been racing his horses at the track.

He stopped building houses and started claiming horses.  He bought a 33 acre farm and filled it with race horses. 

 I asked him one day not too long ago when he was going to retire and take it easy….
He said “When I fall down dead in my tracks! 
I LOVE what I do and I don’t want to ever stop doing it!”

So even tho taking care of a ton of horses all day every day is really a lot of work
and even tho it has aged my dad from being constasntly outside in the New England weather,
he LOVES what he does!

Not too many people can say that they LOVE what they do and make a living at it.

My Dad is one of the lucky ones.  He had riding horses as a kid and then we had horses growing up and now he has his race horses and is a trainer.  He has had a few great horses over the years.

And I will assume he has made a pretty penny every now and again.  But all that seems to matter to him is that he can keep racing and having his horses.

Him and his wife are side by side every day too, doing what they love!


Moms Vintage Family

Not sure if you have noticed yet or not, but I LOVE vintage pictures!  I mostly LOVE the ones of our family!

This is mom’s high school picture….

And this is my Mom, not sure how old she was here…..

These lovely ladies are my Aunt Vivian, she is one of my grandmothers sisters,
then my Aunt Janet, she is my Mom’s older sister, and then my Grandmother, Beatrice or “Bea”
as a lot of people called her.

My grandmother LOVED the beach!  It’s one of the things I always will remember about her.  She seemed the happiest ever at the beach!

Aidan turns 1…..

Well actually he turned one on November 29th!
This kid has the most beautiful eyes and smile you could ever want. He’s just a ray of sunshine and a burst of wind!  His energy is endless!

This is me and my daughter, Aidan’s mom.  I am thankful every day that they are both here and healthy. 
I love to kiss this little ham when he lets me!  He’s so dam cute!
His mom loves hats and is always buying him a new one!
I am so lucky to have the cutest grandkids around!
He is one of my favorite subjects to have a photo shoot with!
Kisses anyone?  Only 25 cents!
Our dog Sophie just loves these kids so much…..
She just can’t get enough!

It sure is exhausting being one!
Oh…wait maybe I meant for me, because this one takes a nap and is up and running again!  Happy Birthday Aidan, Ma loves you sooo much!!!!

Bedroom Screen Door handmade

Finally got another project finished! Only took a couple of hours and wasn’t very hard to do.
My daughter in-law has two cats that love sleeping in my “almost” one year old grandsons crib, and since he wasn’t sleeping in it, it wasn’t that big of a deal. IMG_2332
Now we fast forward a few months and my daughter in-law and son are giving me grandchild number seven in a few weeks! No, they don’t have seven, this will be number two for them. Their first son will be one January 4th and the new baby is due the end of January, so the rush was on to figure out something to keep the cats out of the crib and still let the heat into the room because the only heat source is in the hallway!
I thought a screen door would be perfect so we went to to see if we could buy one.  No such luck as the bedroom has a very small doorway, only about 24”x78”.  So I decided to make my own.  I went back to Lowe’s and purchased the things I thought I would need to build this screen door. 2- 1x4x10 Top Choice white pine boards and 2 packages of Stanley-National Hardware 3-in x 3-in Zinc T Plate and a package of Stanley-National Hardware 3-1/2-in Zinc Flat Brace.  I already had a package of a Stanley-National Hardware Zinc Screen Door and Storm Door Set to use to attach the door to the frame.  I also had taken the door down that’s usually there and used it as a guide to size the screen door correctly.  Picture below shows the wood already cut and laid on top of the regular with brackets.

This is the package of the Stanley-National Hardware 3-in x 3-in Zinc T Plate.
This is an up close picture of the T bracket laid out on the frame from Lowe’s. IMG_4249
Here is a picture of the Stanley-National Hardware 3-1/2-in Zinc Flat Brace from Lowe’s
This is an up close picture of the flat bracket from Lowe’s laid out on the frame.
And here is a picture of what was used for the handle and the hinges to attach the door to the frame, Stanley-National Hardware Zinc Screen Door and Storm Door  also bought at Lowe’s.
Here is a picture of the door, un-painted, hung on the bedroom door frame!  And if you look to the right of the picture you can see a little bit of that “baby bump”!
I think it came out pretty good and once it’s stained or painted it will look even better!  Til next time….

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