Dance Recital

Today was Mackenzie’s Dance Recital and she was awesome! She was in 3 dances. This was her first year of dancing school and she seems to love it! She did great on stage and wasn’t scared at all! Thanks Auntie Meg for signing her up!

I will post a few of the short video I took at rehearsal the other night as soon as I can. There are more pictures if you want to see them at this link! Enjoy!

This is Mackenzie and Olivia at the end of the day today, looking very tired! Kenz still has her make-up on! They both had a long day. Olivia had soccer at 8 this morning and then went to Mackenzie’s recital at 10, then Auntie Meg took them to the beach! tomorrow is softball game and softball pictures! They have very busy schedules!

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