After years of collecting gently used furniture and other items, I finally decided
that it was time to set up my barn as a shoppe and start selling some of the unique finds I come across.
I feel this is one of my loves and I want to share it.
They say find what you love & do it for work & it won’t feel like a job!

Moving?  Downsizing?  Simplifying?  Cleaning Out Your House,
Attic or Garage?  Do you have “stuff” you never use,
haven’t looked at in a while, taking up space, collecting dust?
Left over yard sale items?  Collections you want to sell but
just don’t have time to find a buyer?

Give Us A Call!
We Buy, Sell, Sometimes Consign
or Just Remove your Unwanted Items!
Single Items or Estates
We Remove, Buy, Sell and Rescue Old “Stuff”
and give it New Life!