Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is for sharing your love with the people you care about the most.  I feel that I share my love with these certain someones all year long in various ways.  I hope they all know how much they are loved, but you are never sure if they “REALLY” know you love them.  I love them the best I know how and I love them all in different ways depending on who they are.  I have come to the conclusion that as I grow older, there are less people I truley love and the ones I love, I love much deeper and love them for much different reasons than I did years ago.  There are so many different kinds of Love and it’s a blessing to have all of the feelings each one brings.  I am a Daughter, a Mother, a Fiance’, a Grandmother and many other things and with all these hats, come so many chances to LOVE.  I hope Valentines Day finds you with lots of LOVE to give and to receive!  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!

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