Sunny and Brisk

This morning it was a brisk 40 something degrees, perfect for taking a walk and not sweating!  I remember the days before menopause when I was always freezing, NOT anymore!  See there’s always something good with everything!  Anyway, my truck had an appointment for a fix so Sophie and I got in and drove down the street and around the corner to drop it off and then we strolled home. 
I’m pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful town in New England!  Fall is one of my favorite times if the year because it’s cooler and so pretty with the leaves color.
I happen to also live on a gorgeous old time street where most of the homes are old farm houses with great barns.  I LOVE old barns and homes. 
So our walk home was beautiful.  I snapped a few pictures of a few of my favorites.  Even if they could use a new coat of paint or some love, they are still beautiful!  
Although most of the homes on my street are loved and lived in we do have a couple that need some love. 
This town owned house sure could use a nice family to make it a home!  And I’m not sure what’s up with this one,
I know it’s not vacant even tho it kinda looks like it is. I guess for now it’s a good thing that it’s kinda hidden behind all the over grown bushes!  


Sophie says “Thanks for taking me for a walk!”  Enjoy this awesome day!

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