What a Month! June 2011

This past month has been such a crazy month. Lots of great happenings. Kids softball, Blondie’s dance recital, and family gatherings!
Softball was especially fun because the girls were finally on the same team.

My daughter graduated from Nursing School! I can not even tell you how proud I am of her. She worked really hard going to school, working and raising three gorgeous kids with her fiancĂ©. 
The Pinning
She hates to be the center of attention, but her sister and I decided we would give her a surprise party anyway and it went better than expected.
Surprised Nurse!
She had no clue and loved every minute of it! We are all so proud of her!
My mom flew home to be here and surprise her too.
Lovely Monster
Blondie’s dance recital was cute and she loves dancing.
Right before she was to go on, the fog machine set off the fire alarms,so everyone
had to evacuate the building while the firemen reset the alarms and cleared the fog.

That took about 25 minutes outside in the rain! Well this was her last year of dance as
she is now doing cheerleading and needs to learn all the tumbling involved. 
So she’s had a few practices.

This tree had to be taken down as it was old and branches have been falling whenever we have a storm, so I had to have it taken down. I had Newcomb’s Tree Service remove it.

They did a great job and were also very neat and cleaned up all the mess.

Earlier I told you my mom flew home to be here for the party. She lives in Florida and no matter what the weather is here, she always is freezing. Well, she caught a cold and spent most of here time here in bed!
Great Gramma and Natey
Sorry Mom!

Before Mom got too sick we had a family gathering with my oldest brother. He lives in New York State and we haven’t seen him in about 13 years! He is my half brother. My Mom had to give him up for adoption when she had him and we searched for him and found him thirty something years ago and have kept in touch over the years! It was a great visit and we are so thankful to have him in our life!

Sophie & Moses
Sophie even enjoyed meeting her new brother, Moses! We are so happy that him and his girlfriend and Moses are all very happy and doing well!

Mom had to go home on the 29th, her brother picked her up, we said our good byes and had our hugs, no tears from me, until she was gone. It always seems to hit me the second she leaves the driveway. I cry like a baby.
I wish she didn’t live so far away! Love you Mom!

Our next big events, took place on June 30, 2011. Yes, I said events. My nursing school graduate decided to not only schedule her nursing licensing exam on this day but to also get married after the test! She definitely does things her way and always has, which I think is also awesome!

They said “I Do” at the town hall with a JP and we were there and her kids were there
and it was really nice.

The wedding ceremony sand pouring is a great way to involve the family. We then went to get ice cream for the “Reception”!

I wish we had the wedding in my yard with a big party after, but this was good too. I am happy to say that not only did I gain a son in-law, but my daughter also passed her test and is now officially an RN!

The new family!! I love you all so much! So as you can see, we have had one hell of a busy month. We had a few more happenings which I will save for another post! I love to see how my family is growing and changing and my children are having their own children and making good life’s for themselves. It makes my heart smile!
Love you more!!!
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