Beatrice, my grandmother

Happy Birthday Gram
May 24, 1914 – June 14,1985

I think of her almost every day. She had the best laugh! When I got to sleep over her house, she would give me a Toni perm that stunk up the whole house and my grandfather would get so mad about the smell when he came home from work! She was the one who started my fascination with old things. We would drive around for hours and then all of a sudden she would pull over and we would get out and start walking into the woods. I don’t know where she got her information from, but we would walk to a certain distance then she would stop and we would start digging. She would say this is an old dump and we are going to find some nice old bottles here! And we usually always did.

We would also do crafts. One in particular I remember was cooking old records in the oven until the edges curled up. Then we would spray paint them gold and glue macaroni, acorns & other things on them for decorations. Another smelly thing my grandfather didn’t approve of! Oh well, she didn’t care! She did what she wanted to do.

She wore very fancy sparkley clothes and wore a big beehive hair do. She loved wearing hats too!

She loved to dance and ride horses.

She was my inspiration! And I was 8-1/2 months pregnant with my 4th child when she died. She suffered so long and awful with the dreaded bully, cancer that it just didn’t seem fair. She didn’t deserve to suffer like that. The day of her funeral, I cried the loudest and hardest I think I have ever cried so far.
I had my son July 7, 1985 and as a reminder of my grandmother, I named my son Jeffrey B. Michael. The B. of course stands for Beatrice. And I’m proud to say that my son and his girlfriend gave birth to a gorgeous little baby boy January 4th of this year and he also carries on the B. as a Jr. To his dad! Gram, Beatrice, Mother, Honey and all the other names I’m sure you had, I love you, I miss you and I will never forget you or the love you showed me.

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