Blizzard if 2013

Friday night February 8, 2013 we finally lose power. 7:40 pm We usually lose power in any storm so we knew with a blizzard it was just a matter of time.

It started out barely snowing and then progressively got worse. Wind whipping thru the trees and our antique cape home between the barn & house.

Thank god we have a natural gas fireplace insert in our front room, or we would have to find other living arrangements.

We closed up the back of our house where are main family room and master bedroom are located and moved on up to the front rooms to keep warm. Eventually my daughter also lost power & heat and her family joined us in the long wait for power restoration.

My oldest daughter who lives in Plymouth, MA also loses power & heat and decides to tough it out under the blankets with her new baby boy & fiancé. Crazy daughter of mine!

It is now Sunday February 10th 4:44 pm and still no power.

Sophie’s “release” area is all shoveled out for her! Power is supposed to be back tomorrow sometime. We shall see how that goes!

Taking a drive around the neighborhood we see a few downed trees still on the lines! And they look like they haven’t been touched so its going to be a while before we see the light at night or have regular heat.

I still wouldn’t move to Florida, I’m a New England girl.


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  1. Oh wow Milinda, you all be careful and try to stay warm! At least you have some family with you so you know they are fine. I hope power is restored soon though. At least the road doesn't look too bad. No snow here for us, wish you could send of that here… some, not all lol! Thinking of you all~

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