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Well, since my last post a lot of things have happen around here! IMG00318 First of all we added a new member to the family, and she is the cutest little girl!  Her name is Sophie, which was changed from Beatrice as no one liked my choice, sorry Grandma!  She is just 4 months old!  She has been really good as puppies go.  She sleeps in her crate all night without a peep and doesn’t use it for a toilet which is the best! 

We celebrated Michael’s birthday Saturday the 22nd by going to eat lunch at a restaurant that gives the birthday mike41boy a free lunch and a sweet chocolate pudding with crushed cookie’s and whipped cream.  As you can see, he enjoyed every bite and is still such a child!  I guess that’s why I love him so much!! 

We also had a baby shower to go to, but we just couldn’t fit it in because we also had a wedding to go to. JeffChristine2 One of my daughters best friends wedding,  Christine was the most beautiful Bride with her Prince Charming husband Jeff.   We had a great time at the wedding dancing and hanging out!

Earlier in the week Mackenzie and I had eye appointments.  Oh those were not so good.  I had laser eye surgery about 8-9 years ago so I could stop wearing my glasses, which was truly a wonderful experience.  Not needing contacts or glasses has been wonderful.  I had to get glasses when I was in 3rd grade and was pretty blind, so getting the laser surgery was great, but like anything else it doesn’t last forever,  so I am now in need of reading glasses and distance glasses.  I opted to get 2 pairs as I didn’t want to get used to using bifocals!  IMG00320Poor Mackenzie also has to have glasses!  She has not only gotten our front teeth, that’s another post someday, but she has also inherited our bad eyes!  So poor girl is going in 3rd grade and has to wear glasses so she can see the board!  Well, this has been a busy week and will just get worse as the days go by with school starting soon and my mother coming to visit.  Hope your summers end is going great and you are making lots of fun memories.

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