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Vintage Family

I get so excited when my Dad says he has more vintage family pictures!
Here is my Dad sitting on a stoop.

Family in front of the house

My dad with 2 of his fur babies! Summer St., Brockton.

My dad’s sister, (my aunt Rosie) with an aunt.

Here is a picture of my grandmother in 1956 a year before I was born. You can see my Nona and great great aunt in the background.

Here is my grandpa and grandma in front of their Summer St., Brockton home in 1955.

The home is almost done being built.

My dad on his horse.

My great great aunts and my Nona with my dad and his
sister and cousins.

My Nona & great great aunt´╗┐

My dad

Here he is again on his horse.


My Gramma and Me

I started thinking about one of my grandmothers yesterday and how it was when I was a kid and got to sleep over her house. I always loved hanging out with her, even thou there were a few times I remember getting brought home in the middle of the night because I wanted my mother! Boy, those were some scary rides home! My grandmother would always do things with me and we would have fun. She would perm my hair and stink up the house and my grandfather didn’t like it too much, but she didn’t care. What I remember most is that anytime we went for a drive we would almost aways have to pull over on the side of the road and walk into the wooded area and start digging! She loved looking and digging for old bottles. No matter where we went, you could almost bet we would be digging at any second. She collected thousands of bottles. They were of all shapes, colors and sizes. They were all very old and she somehow knew just where to stop and dig, because we never came home empty handed. She was an amazing woman and I think of her often and smile. She died when I was 9 months pregnant with my 4th child and I think it was one of the worse days of my life. She suffered for a while with cancer and her last months were just a horrible memory, and I really hope I never have to see anyone I love go thru that again. She is missed so much.
Anyway, why I was bringing this up was because I am now a grandmother of 3 little girls whom I can’t get enough of! I just look at how different it is for me as a Grandmother than it was with my grandmother and I feel sad for some of the way it is different. I remember having fun almost every time I went with my Gramma, but it seems that when I see my granddaughters there isn’t much time to do fun stuff. I watch 2 of the girls while my daughter attends nursing school and works part time and I have adopted my oldest granddaughter. I think even thou it was hard back when I was a kid it was also easier to sit back and enjoy life alot more than it is today. I think it takes so much effort to just STOP and sit, and enjoy life with these girls. I feel like I am cheating them out of “Gramma” sometimes. I work from home and things are a struggle lately with the economy, but when things were good, then you are working more, so time is hard to take off. I decided yesterday that no matter what is going on around me or in my work or life, I MUST just STOP and paint some fingernails and do some ponytails and play with these girls! They are growing so much everyday, that before I know it they are going to be grown with a family of their own and I will regret not really being the Gramma I once had……

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