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Gone 33 Years Today

Beatrice Florence Leach

May 24, 1914 – June 14,1985

Gramma Beatrice

She lived!  Today is the 33rd year that we have missed her sunshine and huge presence.  I think of her a lot & wish she had gotten to see all of the little ones that we have now.  I think of her almost every day. She had the best laugh! When I was little and got to sleep over her house, she would give me a Toni perm that stunk up the whole house and my grandfather would get so mad about the smell when he came home from work!

She was the one who started my fascination with old things. We would drive around for hours and then all of a sudden she would pull over and we would get out and start walking into the woods. I don’t know where she got her information from, but we would walk to a certain distance then she would stop and we would start digging. She would say this is an old dump and we are going to find some nice old bottles here!
And we usually always did. 

We would also do crafts. One in particular I remember was cooking old records in the oven until the edges curled up. Then we would spray paint them gold and glue macaroni, acorns and other things on them for decorations. Another smelly thing my grandfather didn’t approve of! Oh well, she didn’t care! She did what she wanted to do. 

She always dressed pretty fancy when she was going somewhere and always had her hair in a beehive! 
She loved the beach so much!

She was my inspiration! And I was 8-1/2 months pregnant with my 4th child when she died. She suffered so long and awful
with the dreaded bully, cancer that it just didn’t seem fair. She didn’t deserve to suffer like that.
The day of her funeral, I cried the loudest and hardest I think I have ever cried so far. 

I had my son July 7, 1985 and as a reminder of my grandmother, I named my son Jeffrey B. Michael.
The B. of course stands for Beatrice. And I’m proud to say that my son and his wife gave birth to a gorgeous
little baby boy January 4th in 2013 and he also carries on the B. as a Jr. To his dad!

She loved to dance and ride horses and Christmas and her family!

God’s Garden

God looked around his garden
And found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth,
And saw your tired face.He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest.
God’s garden must be beautiful,
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering,
He knew that you were in pain.
He knew that you would never
Get well on earth again.

He saw the road was getting rough
And the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered “Peace be thine.”

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone…
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

Gram, Beatrice, Mother, Honey and all the other names I’m sure you had, I love you, I miss you and
I will never forget you or the love you showed me.  Time flies by!


Vintage Family

I get so excited when my Dad says he has more vintage family pictures!
Here is my Dad sitting on a stoop.

Family in front of the house

My dad with 2 of his fur babies! Summer St., Brockton.

My dad’s sister, (my aunt Rosie) with an aunt.

Here is a picture of my grandmother in 1956 a year before I was born. You can see my Nona and great great aunt in the background.

Here is my grandpa and grandma in front of their Summer St., Brockton home in 1955.

The home is almost done being built.

My dad on his horse.

My great great aunts and my Nona with my dad and his
sister and cousins.

My Nona & great great aunt

My dad

Here he is again on his horse.

Open for Business!!

We are finally almost done with everything and are now open for business!  It’s been a long waiting process, but it is finally all coming together!  One of my BFF’s made me the Vintage Chics sign you see over the door, Linda T. from Ms.Bee Haven Angel Alley in East Bridgewater is an awesome friend and a very talented artist.  If your in the area “bee” sure to visit her store and tell her the Vintage Chic sent you! 
Our hours are posted to our website on the Barn Shoppe Hours page.  Right now the hours are scattered so is you are in the area and see the “Open Flag” stop in, or give me a call to see if I am here.  I will be posting regular hours soon.  As always, check out our website to see if you can find anything interesting!
Thanks for stopping by!!


I can’t believe I haven’t written since July! The time just seems to vanish. So much has happen the past few months. My oldest daughter has gotten her license and is now a Mental Health Counselor, my other daughter was accepted into the nursing program and I have been watching my granddaughters while she attends the night classes. Life is always so busy around here! I have also been organizing my Barn Shoppe so that I can open it at certain days & time. It still needs alot of things before I think it will be perfect, but it is coming along.
I will be posting more pictures tomorrow of the wildlife & of the kids and shoppe, so stop on back if you get a chance!

VintageChicResale “1778 Walkey Estate” Tour

Way back in 2001 I was on the prowl for a “New Home”. I was living in a gorgeous old victorian home in Brockton, but just didn’t feel like I was “home”. One night, very late at night and lost coming home from the cape looking at houses, I was driving down this street & my headlights hit this for sale sign and this very interesting looking cape home. I stopped, backed up & investigated the property from the light of my car headlights and thought, I have to check this out when I get home. I wrote down the real estate office phone number and because I am myself a realestate broker, I went online and immediately found the house! To my dismay, it was out of my price range. I decided something was drawing me to this house so I made an appointment to look at it. I figured this house is calling me because it was in a town I didn’t have on my list and I was lost and just happen to stumble upon it. To make a long story very short, I fell in love with all the faults of the house and now live here. Everyone thought I was crazy to want to move from my big beautiful victorian to this small 1778 fixer upper. It desperatley needed a new roof and both bathrooms needed to be redone. There were not toilets, or kitchen sink or appliances, etc. But I felt so cozy and comfortable here, it felt like this was where I was meant to be. Moving day was the most crazy day I have had in a long time! My daughter was in the hospital in labor having my 2nd granddaughter! Between one of the runs, I was called to the hospital for the delivery. On top of that, the house we were moving from wasn’t a definate closing until the very last minute and so because it was the week of Christmas & the uncertainty of the move, I hadn’t finished packing! Then after being in this huge house for more than 7 years you forget how much stuff you actually have! It took us a week and a half to get everything out of the old house and into the new house. Most of the stuff didnt fit in the 1778 doorways so it got put in the barn and the garages until we could either get rid of it or figure out how to squeeze them into to the house! The end of this month will be my 6th year here and I couldnt be happier! I love my house and I love the neighborhood and my neighbors. I dont think I could have found a better place to move to!
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