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Spring? Wherefore art thou?

I am sooo done DIGGIN’ it!
This is the longest winter that I can remember in a long time!  Will it EVER end?!

I know I could never move to Florida, but come on Mother Nature….

Give us a break!  Enough already!!

Today is was almost 60 degrees!  Which felt like a heat wave!
The sun was even out and everything is melting!
I might even be able to Giggle again….
But not for long because it looks like we have MORE snow in the forecast!
Even Sophie has HAD it with the white stuff!
We haven’t been selling much since we have a hard time even getting a path into the barn shoppe….
SPRING!!!!  Where are you???!!!

Friday the 13th and then Love Day…..

Oh LOVE is in the……
 This has been the winter of hell so far this year!
It seems like Mother Nature isn’t happy with New England lately!
Friday the 13th???
 The Barn Shoppe is buried just like the rest of the place!
Everyone I know is going crazy…..

Even Sophie has had it!
WHAT’S That?????  MORE SNOW????
Where we gonna put it?????

Oh well….
Happy LOVE Day everyone on Saturday!


Dads Passion

My Dad will be 77 this year in August.  He was a Home Builder until he got involved in Race Horses!

I was around 9 or 10 I think when race horses became not only his passion but his new line of work love!  

So since the “60’s” he has been racing his horses at the track.

He stopped building houses and started claiming horses.  He bought a 33 acre farm and filled it with race horses. 

 I asked him one day not too long ago when he was going to retire and take it easy….
He said “When I fall down dead in my tracks! 
I LOVE what I do and I don’t want to ever stop doing it!”

So even tho taking care of a ton of horses all day every day is really a lot of work
and even tho it has aged my dad from being constasntly outside in the New England weather,
he LOVES what he does!

Not too many people can say that they LOVE what they do and make a living at it.

My Dad is one of the lucky ones.  He had riding horses as a kid and then we had horses growing up and now he has his race horses and is a trainer.  He has had a few great horses over the years.

And I will assume he has made a pretty penny every now and again.  But all that seems to matter to him is that he can keep racing and having his horses.

Him and his wife are side by side every day too, doing what they love!


Barns and Sheds

I love old barns and sheds. I have saved a collection of pictures to share with you!

I love glass structures as well as wood! The above is one of my favs!

Glass french doors are gorgeous on any structure!

Even this little shack shed is adorable!

I love the color of the chairs!

Window boxes and shutters!

I love the diamond cut outs and the roof lines.

The girl’s would love this!

This one is adorable too!

Love the shingles and sliding barn door!

I am sure I will find more to post at another time!

VintageChicResale “1778 Walkey Estate” Tour

Way back in 2001 I was on the prowl for a “New Home”. I was living in a gorgeous old victorian home in Brockton, but just didn’t feel like I was “home”. One night, very late at night and lost coming home from the cape looking at houses, I was driving down this street & my headlights hit this for sale sign and this very interesting looking cape home. I stopped, backed up & investigated the property from the light of my car headlights and thought, I have to check this out when I get home. I wrote down the real estate office phone number and because I am myself a realestate broker, I went online and immediately found the house! To my dismay, it was out of my price range. I decided something was drawing me to this house so I made an appointment to look at it. I figured this house is calling me because it was in a town I didn’t have on my list and I was lost and just happen to stumble upon it. To make a long story very short, I fell in love with all the faults of the house and now live here. Everyone thought I was crazy to want to move from my big beautiful victorian to this small 1778 fixer upper. It desperatley needed a new roof and both bathrooms needed to be redone. There were not toilets, or kitchen sink or appliances, etc. But I felt so cozy and comfortable here, it felt like this was where I was meant to be. Moving day was the most crazy day I have had in a long time! My daughter was in the hospital in labor having my 2nd granddaughter! Between one of the runs, I was called to the hospital for the delivery. On top of that, the house we were moving from wasn’t a definate closing until the very last minute and so because it was the week of Christmas & the uncertainty of the move, I hadn’t finished packing! Then after being in this huge house for more than 7 years you forget how much stuff you actually have! It took us a week and a half to get everything out of the old house and into the new house. Most of the stuff didnt fit in the 1778 doorways so it got put in the barn and the garages until we could either get rid of it or figure out how to squeeze them into to the house! The end of this month will be my 6th year here and I couldnt be happier! I love my house and I love the neighborhood and my neighbors. I dont think I could have found a better place to move to!
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