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Spring? Wherefore art thou?

I am sooo done DIGGIN’ it!
This is the longest winter that I can remember in a long time!  Will it EVER end?!

I know I could never move to Florida, but come on Mother Nature….

Give us a break!  Enough already!!

Today is was almost 60 degrees!  Which felt like a heat wave!
The sun was even out and everything is melting!
I might even be able to Giggle again….
But not for long because it looks like we have MORE snow in the forecast!
Even Sophie has HAD it with the white stuff!
We haven’t been selling much since we have a hard time even getting a path into the barn shoppe….
SPRING!!!!  Where are you???!!!

Absolutley Gorgeous Autumn Day!

I wish everyday was like today! It couldn’t be better if it tried! My day started out waking up to sunlight streaming thru the dark purple curtains in the bedroom, and the pretty rainbow of colors on the walls and ceilings made from the crystals hanging in the window. Everyday should be so perfect! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Linda T of Miss Bee Haven Angel Alleys’ Paradise

Linda has an amazing store in  East Bridgewater Ms Bee Haven that I love to go to but she also has an amazing back yard at her home. Very relaxing and lots of things to look at and smell!  She has a variety of bird houses, plants and various “things” I call “eye candy” in her gardens. 


Flowers, smells, birds chirping…love this time of year!
These are some of the flowers around the property that grow all on there own….My non existent green thumb has not helped with the beauty of any of these plants!
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