Cleaning and Memories

I went into my attic on the hottest day of the year so far, it was in the 90’s!!  I was looking for some red raggedyannrug yarn so that I could finish fixing the hair on my nieces Raggedy Ann Doll that I had made for her in 1980.  Now this is where I am ashamed to say, I have had this little lady since 2002!   Now I had gotten her back so I could fix her hair and give her a good cleaning and all I ever got to do was clean her!

 raggedy My poor niece has asked me for her back several times and I had every intension on getting her done in a timely manner but life has just flown by!  Anyway, going from just needing some red yarn to a full all out attic clean-out has given me a lot of sweet memories to think about. 

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While looking thru bins trying to find the red yarn, that I knew I had somewhere, I came across one (yes, I have several) of my “special boxes”.  These boxes are where I put letters, cards, kids drawings, etc., that have been given to me over the years and just can’t be thrown away.  I have letters from old friends, letters from friends who have lost touch, friends that are no longer here and then I notice I have saved several notes and cards, not only from my kids, but from one of my Best Friends.  Karen.  She always seems to send me the most sweetest note cards, and always writes something nice or inspiring in them.  So even though I felt bad about not having this doll done years ago I was inspired and humbled when I was done reading all these messages from the past.  I am happy to have saved all the letters and papers from my kids, and hope one day they will be going thru these same boxes and realize how special I thought each one was and that’s why I saved them.  I also had the opportunity to sit and remember the love I had felt with someone now gone to this world, and hope and pray they have gone on to a better more peaceful world and I have also been reminded to appreciate the loved ones still here and who show me their love in small ways everyday.  Time passes so quickly, we sometimes get caught up in the rush of it all and forget who and what is important.  All of our days are numbered and we don’t know when the day will come that we are living our last day on this earth.  I wish I could change a few situations in my life right now, but I have come to realize that I am only in charge of my own actions and life and sometimes you just have to let go and live!  So even though the attic is not put back together, and Raggedy Ann is sitting beside me still with only half a head of hair, I know I will work on her and get her back to her rightful owner and she will be going with 2 more Raggedy’s for the 2 daughters my niece has given birth to since I have had this Raggedy Ann, and also a son…..Time, there just isn’t enough!!  Here I come Annie,…..


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