Jillian Violet Jean is 2 Today!

Jillian is two today,
actually she will be two at 5:58p.m today!
She is my 2nd daughters, second daughter!
And if you have had the pleasure of her company you
would love her right away…

She has the best personality and is such a ham. She loves everyone
and has no problem telling you, and her hugs and kisses are the best!

She loves Mike and her cousin Mackenzie……

and her daddy…..

and especially her mommy….. Thanks mommy for having another
awesome baby girl to share with us……
Her sissy loves her so much and helps to take care of her….
Her cousin is like having another sister around and she
loves all the attention she gets from the both of them…..
She was such a chubba baby…..
and makes the cutest faces then & now…..
And loves to have her picture taken anytime she sees a camera….
she loves to make a mess while eating…..
And she couldn’t look anymore like her daddy if she tried….
She is such a blessing to have with us…..
She brightens your day just to look at her….

I have been so blessed to have 3 such gorgeous granddaughters
in my life to love, hug, and enjoy!
Happy Birthday Miss Jillian!!!!
Ma loves you so very much!!!!!

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