Mackenzie is 9 Today


Today Mackenzie is 9 years old!  I can’t believe she is 9 already!  She came to live with me when she was almost 3 and that seems like it was yesterday!  I look at all my granddaughters and I can not believe how time flies by.  My own children are adults and it is so amazing to see them making lives for themselves.  Four kids with 4 different lives, issues, happiness and despair.  I did the best I knew how to do raising them and some days I wish I had another chance to change some of it.  Now raising my oldest granddaughter I have been making totally different decisions on raising her.  Things are so different for me with her.  I have her Dad, my son, in despair most of the time, not knowing how he will find his way to adulthood the way he should of already done.  Will he ever be a responsible grown-up able to take care of himself and his beautiful daughter?  Will her drug addicted mother ever break free from her own horrors of drug addiction?  I look at this little nine year old gorgeous girl and just wonder what lies ahead for the both of us.  Some days, I wonder if I can handle it all, raising a child again after having raised my own 4 already, then I look at that happy little face with those big blueberry eyes and I know that we will be just fine with whatever comes our way.  Happy Birthday my first born granddaughter, life is just beginning for you and I know it will be something special, just like you!  I love you so very much.

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