March 2013 Snow Storm

The never ending snow of 2013! I think Mother Nature is making up for the years she was easy on us because she is killing New England this winter!

I’m really not surprised to tell the truth. I knew it was only a matter of time before we were going to be buried.

With the way the weather has been all over the world the last few years, I knew it was only a matter of time!

Trees and branches are down everywhere. Some areas look like a tornado had blown thru and snapped every tree in its path.

Our plow guy got stuck in my flower bed while plowing our driveway today. Oh geez! Really

They decide to use my truck to pull the plow out and then get my truck stuck in a big ditch that was made by the spinning tires!

To the rescue! My daughters fiancé shows up to visit and spends an hour or so helping get my truck and the plow pulled out!

Well, I got to visit with my two little men while the commotion was going on outside. These little boys are growing way to fast!

So I’m hoping Mother Nature is finally done with us. I did see my daffodils sprouting out of the ground the other day, but now with a ton of heavy white stuff, sitting on them, who knows what’s going to happen!

Oh how I miss you beautiful daffodils!!!

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One thought on “March 2013 Snow Storm

  1. Those little babies keep growing. I can not believe how big Jeff Jr is now. They look like trouble side by side….so adorable. Spring in 2 weeks!!! Love ya Karen acapecodnest

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