My Happiness

Everyday is an adventure around here between the three granddaughters, the Golden Retriever, Sophie, my own 4 kids & my work!  The best part of my day is seeing the smiles on the kids faces!  On the weekdays Sophie hangs out with me while I work at home.  She sleeps most of the day or is running around like a nut!  When it’s time for the girls to get home from school, all I have to do is say “The bus is coming, and off Sophie goes to stare out the window looking for the bus to appear!  Some days Jill is here so Sophie gets some special belly rubs while we wait for the bus!  I think Sophie is more spoiled than the granddaughters!
I also think my grown kids think I love the dog more than them!  I just think I spoiled them as much as was possible as a single working Mom & now I can spoil the girls & Sophie!
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