Sea Shells of Memories

Does anyone else write on sea shells that you collect while on a

vacation or just while taking a walk on the beach? I do. And these shells are from a very special woman who just passed away a few weeks ago. I discovered them today while putting away a lamp I had gotten from cleaning out her place. I’ll be giving them to someone who loved her too.
I love finding handwriting or pictures from loved ones after they are gone. It just tells you one more thing about them. And you know they lived and had a wonderful life and people who miss them and love them.


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0 thoughts on “Sea Shells of Memories

  1. That's a great idea! I actually label my sand in jars but never even thought about shells.

    So very true about finding handwritten pieces of the past. I love that and it does tell so much about the person that wrote it. Thanks for this sweet post! I know that someone will love having those shells~

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