Spring was here a minute ago….

Spring time everyone wants to get their outside living area back in use.  We clean up our grills or we buy a new one, we take our stored outdoor furniture out of the shed and set it up in anticipation of our first cook-out!  We start the yard clean-up duties, or the lucky ones call their landscaper and set up an appointment with them to have them come remove all the dead broken branches that winter has left us with. 

We start getting ready to plant our gardens and we wake in the morning to the bright sun peeking thru the blinds and the chirping of the birds that have returned looking for things to build their nests with.

We start our Spring Cleaning and take stuff to the Salvation Army to recycle or we give bags of clothes to our friends who have kids a year or two younger that might be able to use the clothes our own kids have grown out of. 

Spring has always been a favorite time of the year for me because you can be outside more and listen to the birds and start to see your flowers bloom and for me, I can break out my hammock for those days when all I want to do is stare up into the clouds and forget about everything else!

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