Fabric, vintage and new styles

I love fabric! In 7th grade I had sewing and cooking class in junior high. I loved the sewing! I didn’t love following the pattern directions so I would usually just cut out the pattern and then sew the article together by my own way.

My item looked just as good as everyone else’s who struggled with the directions. And of course the teacher wasn’t too happy that I wasn’t going step by step using the directions!

Anyway, over the years I have still done it my way. I might look the directions over to get the general idea if it looks a little difficult.

But it usually seems to be easier to just do it my way!

I was hoping that I would have more time for sewing but I can’t tell you when the last time was that I have sat and made something.

It seems like there are always too many other things that can’t wait. I have so many ideas that I want to produce. I buy fabric or linens that I save for the day I will sit and start all these ideas and bring them to life instead of just in my thoughts!

When my kids were little, I made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls of all different sizes and gave them as Christmas presents or birthday presents.

Then, I started getting asked to custom make them for family and then friends of family. It was a lot of work, but I loved making them!

I hope to make time real soon to use some of the collection of material I have been storing and also purchase some of the new designs I am dying to get a hold of!

These are a few of my Raggedy friends that I still have!

Til next time……………..

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