Weekend Re-Do

I have so much furniture that needs painting and I have just been putting it off. I just have to be in the mood to paint, I can’t just grab a brush and go. If I’m not feeling it, it’s not happening! So finally, I got the feeling going and painted a few things.



Then I had two matching stools to paint.

And I also had two kids who were just dying to get their hands dirty and play in the paint,


Well they didn’t do too bad! I’m thinking they still need something to make them pop, but haven’t decided what yet!

Till next time!

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0 thoughts on “Weekend Re-Do

  1. Hey girl, I was looking at the followers list on my blog and see that you follow my blog so I thought I would come over here and meet you. I'm your newest follower. =]

    I LOVE re-do's! They are fun to do and I just love seeing before and after pics. You did a great job on your pieces, love them!

    Looking forward to following your blog. I hope you post again soon. =]

    Have a delightful week~

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