Friends for Life, Sister by Choice

We met in the gym in 7th grade.  She was new to the school and so was I.  We had to sit on the bleachers because we didn’t have any gym clothes.  We started talking and realized we were in almost ALL the same classes.
We became friends right away.  We are still friends today.

I don’t  have any sisters so I have always considered her my sister.  Over the years we have both been thru rough times, had children, moved, had personal tragedies, lots of happy times and long spans of not hearing from each other for whatever reasons…..  

She has always been someone I could tell anything to and she would always listen and give me her advice.  She has lived with me over the years a few times and we still remained friends!  That’s usually a feat in itself!  She is always the first one I think of to call when I am having a hard time or when something awesome is going on in my life. 

She knows all about my good stuff and all about the mistakes I have made.  There have been times when it’s been years that we have not spoken and I must say I’m not sure why that happens but it does. 

Best friends...

This last span of no communication was awful for me, I hate not being able to talk to her.  Then I got an unexpected email from her sister telling me she would be coming up and she wanted me to meet them as a surprise.  I couldn’t wait for the night to come!

Thanks to her sister we are back on track and I couldn’t be happier!   She and her husband have just bought their first home and I am so excited for her.  She has wanted that for a long time and it finally has come true!  I’m hoping I can plan a trip to see her new home this coming year, that would just be the best!  It’s funny how some people you just feel belong in your life forever and some you wish your paths had never crossed!

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