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Feels bigger already!

For some reason lately I am exhausted, physically and mentally. All I feel like I want to do is just sleep! So today I was debating with myself on what to with myself and decided to work on the hall Reno some more. But of course as usual there is always five million other things that need to be done. Walking thru the kitchen I just had to stop and get the kitchen clean! Dishes seem to ALWAYS be in my sink, ALWAYS, and the dishwasher is ALWAYS filled with either dirty or clean dishes. So after getting the kitchen in order, I put on my old nasty Doc Martins and got to work on the hall reno. This is what it looked like last time I posted.

So today it’s time to remove the glass door and frame. I have to try to do it so I can keep most of the drywall and plaster intact!

So little by little I pry carefully away at the wood door frame trying to save as much of the wood as possible. I have mixed feelings about changing this house from what it is to what I envision in my head. But as I pry the layers off I am feeling so much better and energized as I start to feel like the pictures in my head might actually come to life.

And after a few hours I have finished my goal of the glass door removal! It feel so much roomier already! I did pretty dam good too I might add (patting myself on the back) the ceiling and drywall were barely touched!




Next time it looks like it’s the stairs to nowhere!
Til next time…….


Feb. 21, 2013

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